Firtina II Howitzer



The design and prototype production as well as serial production of T-155 Self-propelled FIRTINA Howitzer has been realized by 1st Directorate of Main Maintenance Factory in Arifiye/Sakarya.


47 Tons


65 kmh

Firing Range

40 kms

Gun Barrel

52 Caliber

FIRTINA has a weight of 47 tons, operates with a 65 kmh speed, has a firing range of 40 kms with a 52 caliber gun which is operated by a complement of 5 crew(Commander, Driver,Aimer, Aimer Asst. and a Loader). Owing to POYRAZ ammo resupply vehicle, 48 bombs can be loaded in only 20 minutes.
With its developed suspension system, it can maneuver on any landshape including uneven and bumpy terrain. Fırtına can be ready for a firing task in 30 seconds while underway and can complete a firing task of 8 rounds in one minute during which the first 15 seconds a deliberate firing takes place and following the firing task it can desert its foothold in 30 seconds. Being capable to do so, it can minimize probability of being caught in enemy counter fire.