Ammunition Resupply Vehicle



POYRAZ Ammunition Resupply Vehicle which is capable of conducting fast ammo resuply to T-155 FIRTINA Howitzers in the sceene of action was produced by 1st Directorate of Main Maintenance Factory.
POYRAZ Ammunition Resupply Vehicle can load ammunition from the ammo supply quickly, point and can transfer them to a FIRTINA Howitzer at any desired place and time and in all weater and terrrain conditions during day and/or night.

Superior specs of POYRAZ Ammunition Resupply Vehicle;

  • Can transfer ammunition to Fırtına Howitzers in all weather and terrain conditions quicly and safely.
  • Reduced personnel requirement for ammo supply.
  • Capability of night resuply.
  • Expendable substructure to ensure new type of ammunitions to be included in the system.
  • Integrated operability with higher command centers.
  • Copiling vehicle driving data and depicting on the digital medium.
  • Transferring shells and powders with a single conveyor.
  • Transferring at a slope of 10%.
  • Automatic control of 4 different mechanisms working simultaneously.
  • Servo controlled automation in 16 different movement axis.
  • Control architecture enabling seperate but synchronous working of 4 different mechanisms.
  • Manual operation capability for ammunition discharge from the vehicle in case of emergency.
  • The design to adopt to different type of vehicles and platforms.