Pakistan MILGEM Corvette Project

National Ship Project


Within the scope of National Ship Project (MİLGEM); MILGEM Corvette, which is genuinely constructed by our resident engineers and waving the Turkish flag all over the seas successfully, will enter Pakistan Navy’s service with the agreement signed on 6 September 2018 between Pakistan and Turkey. This agreement is the first contract ever that the Turkish defense industry achieves the largest defense export in a single batch.

Overall Length

99.5 meters

Maximum Beam

14.4 meters


29 nmi

Monohull Displacement

2400 Tons

Two of the 4 MİLGEM corvettes to be procured by Pakistan were decided to be built at the Istanbul Shipyard Command and the other two at Karachi Shipyard. Pakistan MILGEM Corvette project formally began on 11th March 2019 and the first corvette is scheduled to be delivered in August 2023 in Turkey.
The termination schedule is set that the first ship will be finished on the 54th month in Turkey, the second ship on the 60th month in Pakistan, the third ship on the 66th month in Turkey and the final ship on the 72nd month in Pakistan. The last corvette will be delivered for Pakistan Navy’s inventory in Karachi in 2025.
As being our source of pride, MİLGEM Corvette is designed to perform the duties of anti-surface, anti-air and anti-submarine warfare, surveillance and reconnaissance, asymmetric warfare and command and control. The overall length of the ship is 99.5 meters with a maximum beam of 14.4 meters. With her 2.400 tons of monohull displacement and 3.9 meters of draft, she has ability to maintain a speed of 29 nautical miles per hour with two diesel engines and one gas turbine. She is designed to provide day and night helicopter operations with a platform, hangar and comprehensive support equipment for a 10 tones helicopter.