The "Stars of Exports" organization with which the succesfull companies guiding Turkey's exports are awarded was held 17’th times this year with participation of Deputy Minister of Commerce Gonca Yılmaz Batur and National Defense Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere.

In the competition where export champions were recognized with their contribution to economic growth, 22 companies in 11 categories were awarded among the 298 companies.


Deputy Commerce Minister Yilmaz Batur who spoke at the program, pointed that Turkey is having a growth model based on production and export and said that they have increased their support with a focus on design and brand development.

Mr. Batur, giving information about the supports for exporters, stated that "It is not so possible to lift up our export figures without branding and international standing eventhough we make international production to put forward of our products and the technology. In 2018, we have provided support for the abroad education and life support of our 143 designers. We are trying to bring our country to a better place in the innovation and design league. "
Deputy Minister of National Defense Mr. Muhsin Dere, also referring to the recent studies performed in the defense industry in Turkey, said that they were proud of the achievements of companies in the defense industry.

Mr. Dere, pointing out that there are way to go in order for small companies to grow and become the exporter and to enpower the companies in the middle of the pyramid, said "We have shown serious efforts to prevent dependence on foreign countries, but companies could not entere the competitive medium because they do domestic production already for the state. When we come to a certain level in domestic production rates, our companies started to find a place in the world competition. And in order to make our age-old companies to be capable to export we have founded a company to get loose of the prolonged bureaucratic process.