Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a world-wide brand company,

  • which possessing top-level competitive power domestically and abroad, in primarily defence industry as well as in all other selected areas within the scope of its establisment,
  • which appreciating its collective high-tech products, platform and systems through indigenous trade models by utilizing its special law-defined commercial privileges at the highest level.

Our Mission

In order to meet the national requirements to a great extent and to maximize the export performance, our mission is;

  • to originate indigenious and value-added commercial solutions, by standalone or together with our stakeholders, which all would create a great potential and powerful ground in developing the facilities and capabilities of our military factories and shipyards,
  • to bring successfully available and future high-tech products, platforms and systems into the highest benefit to our National Power and Economy,
  • to create top level competitive solutions in exporting and importing of these valued assets by utilizing our special law-defined commercial privileges which some are “tender exemption”, “state guarantee” and “G-to-G direct sale”.

Our Values

  • Loyalty to working principles, which are truthfulness, superior business ethics and honesty are our indispensable starting point
  • Indigenous and high-tech centric work, priority in qualified talent and quality are our basic principles
  • Through solution centric works based on customer satisfaction, “To be the best in our scope of activity” is our primary target
  • Our aim is to create resources and value for continuous development
  • Reason of our existence is primarily to provide the highest level of avail and added value to Turkey and the World