About Us

ASFAT Inc. (Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc.)

ASFAT Inc. was established on January 17, 2018 in order to contribute to the national economy by utilizing the facilities and capabilities of the 27 military factories and 3 naval shipyards within the body of Ministry of National Defense and to serve the global defense industry benefiting from Turkish national facilities.

The whole capital of ASFAT Inc. is invested by the Undersecretariat of Treasury (currently the Ministry of Treasury and Finance). ASFAT Inc. operates under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of National Defense. The General Board of ASFAT Inc. is headed by the Minister of National Defense while the Chair of Executive Board is Deputy Minister.

ASFAT Inc. is authorized to utilize 30 defense industry factories and maintenance & repair centers besides the labor force of approximately 20.000 workers. ASFAT Inc. functions by taking orders both from the public and private customers, national and international purchasers, real and legal persons, including foreigners. ASFAT Inc. also participates in bids in accord with the customers’ requirements providing common production and design solutions, conducting research and development activities as well as by improving the conditions of military factories and shipyards.

ASFAT Inc. is authorized to make "Intergovernmental Agreements".