About Us

ASFAT Inc. (Military Factories and Shipyards Management Inc.)

ASFAT Inc. was established on January 17, 2018 to contribute to the national economy by using the facilities and capabilities of the 27 Military Factories and 3 Military Shipyards within the Ministry of Defence and to serve worldwide defence industry with Turkish national facilities.

The whole capital of ASFAT Inc. belongs to Undersecretariat of Treasury, however, the management of ASFAT Inc. belongs to the Turkish Ministry of Defence.

ASFAT Inc. is authorized to use 30 integrated defence industry facilities and a workforce of approximately 20.000 people. ASFAT Inc. will fulfil its functions by taking orders from government, private customers, national and international purchasers, real and legal persons, including foreigners, and by participating in bids for their requirements, provide common production and design solutions, conducting research and development activities, while improving the conditions of Military Factories and Shipyards.

ASFAT has a capability to make "Government to Government agreements".