Naval Shipyards were established in order to keep the naval preparation level of the Naval Forces Command at its highest, within the scope of maintenance; to do repair, construction, renovation, modernization, to plan the requirements of raw materials, intermediate products, devices, systems and spare parts and to ensure that procurement activities are carried out on time.

Main responsibilities of the Naval Shipyards are to manage and coordinate the technical and administrative activities of the shipyards, to carry out activities necessary for the nationalization of foreign materials / systems which are difficult to supply and which are critical for shipyard level maintenance and repair and to carry out studies for the localization of the materials used in the maintenance, repair and modernization processes.

Three shipyards work under the General Directorate of Shipyards in Ankara:

  1. Golcuk Naval Shipyard Commandership
  2. Istanbul Naval Shipyard Commandership
  3. Izmir Naval Shipyard Commandership

Golcuk Shipyard Commandership was established in 1926, operates on a total of 312,000 square meters of land, including 117,000 square meters of enclosed space. Submarine construction, warship and submarine repair and modernization, maintenance and repairs of ships (including frigates and submarines) and marine vessels and their approximately 1.200 systems are the main responsibilities of the shipyard. Golcuk Naval Shipyard is one of the 10 shipyards in the world producing submarine batteries.

Istanbul Naval Shipyard’s foundation has started in 1455 after the conquest of Istanbul as Fatih Sultan Mehmet KHan Halic Shipyard. In 1941, Taskizak Shipyard Command was established on a part of Istanbul Shipyard. In 1999, Pendik Shipyard and Taskizak Shipyard were merged to form the Istanbul Shipyard Commandership. Today, Istanbul Shipyard Commandership is responsible for surface war ship design, construction, repair and modernization, maintenance and repairs of surface warships and marine vessels and their approximately 1,050 systems. Istanbul Naval Shipyard is one of the 5 shipyards in the world capable of building mine hunter ships with non-magnetic materials.

Izmir Naval Shipyard Commandership was established in 1955, in Izmir in order to meet the needs of the Turkish Navy. In 1963, with the increase of its capacity, it has been named Izmir Repair Support Command. In 1989, with the addition of modern workshops and facilities, Izmir Shipyard Command continued its activities. Finally, in 1999, with the addition of Alaybey Shipyard, shipyard capacity was increased and improvements were made. Today the shipyard’s mission is to provide maintenance / repair of coastal units weapons, sensors and communication systems and surface warships and marine vessels and their approximately 710 systems.

Additionally, the most important duty of the shipyards is to maintain Turkish NAVY warships at the highest level of readiness on the world seas 7 days 24 hours basis.