Military Factories General Directorate was established in 2016. Organization consists of 27 military factories in total, all located in different regions in Turkey. These are 8 Main Maintenance Factory Directorates, 12 Maintenance Factory Directorates, 3 Aeronautic Maintenance Factory Directorates, 3 Textile Factory Directorates and 1 Pharmaceutical Factory Directorate.

Military Factories General Directorate, with its 27 military factories, does repair, maintenance, construction, renovation, modernization etc. for the inventories in order to keep Turkish Armed Forces at the maximum level of readiness in the case of war. Military Factories perform these activities with its 16,000 highly skilled and experienced manpower and strong technological infrastructure.

Additionally, integrating the capacity of the military factories with the domestic commercial industry, it is intended to give factories a place in the economy without hindering the main duty of the factories which is to support Turkish Armed Forces.

By the cooperation with the domestic industry, it is aimed to make significant progress in the modernization processes for the Armed Forces, and in the way of diminishing foreign source dependency.

Products and services that are produced for the land and air systems by the military factories are summarized below

  • T-155 Motor Carriage Fırtına Obus and Poyraz Ammunition Vehicle production
  • Modernization of main battle tanks, motor carriage obus, armed combat vehicles etc.
  • Maintenance of the helicopters and aeroplanes and their motors and other subsystems,
  • Land and air systems’ structural and avionics modernization
  • Spare part production for all systems in the inventory, ballistic, standard, optic, palette, and moving part design and production,
  • Arms / Systems’ technical management responsibility
  • Developing and integrating arms /systems for aerial platforms, avionics integration, aeroplane structural design and analysis processes
  • Calibration